Work & Travel

Get to see the world, earn some money and do whatever, whenever, wherever you want to with our

Work & Travel Program

Experience pure freedom of choices, the most flexible and independent lifestyle possible. Travel to different places, work occasional jobs and by doing that, gain valuable cultural insights and tons of great experiences. Only you can set your limit and we will make sure, you have all the basics and info to make your time here unforgettable! 

When you reach your dream destination, we will assist you with an orientation that prepares you for the first “must-do” steps in the new country as well as city. We support you with your application documents and prepare you for possible interview situation. We are also here to help with topics like mobile phone plans, bank accounts, social insurance number, taxback or accommodation. Apart from that, we are always here to help in case you have questions along the way. 

With just a little bit of our help you will find yourself on a different continent as soon as you are ready for it. And you will get the adventure of your life started. And if something doesn’t go as planned, we will be always right here to help you. With our 24 hour emergency number, you can always get hold of us and we will be solving your problem together!   

Last but not least, it is important to mention our great INTERNeX community. Our PR department located in Vancouver organizes Pub Nights, weekly events and regular trips so that you can easily meet up and connect with other participants. We provide the community it takes to make your stay magnificent and unforgettable, but most importantly, we are always here to support you. To gain a first insight into all of our activities, check out our Instagram and Facebook page as well as our WordPress Blog.

Program Includes:

  • Pre-departure information package about arrival 
  • Two to four night of accommodation in a downtown hostel 
  • 1 year of HI hostel membership card (discounts in hostels world wide) 
  • Welcome orientation (including necessary information concerning, phone provider, taxes, job board Vancouver, Social insurance number etc.) 
  • Advice, guidance and workshop for a job interview 
  • Overview and update of resume 
  • Access to INTERNeX social events and activities 
  • 24 hour emergency number 

Program Requirements:

  • Must be between the age of 18-35 
  • No criminal record 
  • Clean medical check in country of origin