Gain invaluable global work experience through our Practicum Program, designed to enhance your resume and personal growth. Embrace challenges, adapt to new professional environments and cultures, and develop essential skills that transcend borders.


Immerse yourself in a fulfilling volunteering experience, where you can choose between domestic animal protection, wildlife rescue, or ecology projects set in picturesque local parks. Gain insights into local culture, society, and improve your English skills while making a positive impact.

Work and Travel

Embark on an unforgettable journey of freedom and exploration with our Work and Travel Program. Experience diverse cultures, work occasional jobs, and receive comprehensive support from us, to ensure your time abroad is an adventure of a lifetime.


Lose yourself in the rugged charm of country life with our Ranchstay Program. Ideal for those seeking an authentic farming experience away from the urban hustle, this program offers the opportunity to become an integral part of a family-run ranch or farm, engaging in activities such as animal care, horseback riding, and tractor operation while gaining a deep understanding of local culture and community.


Explore a stunning country, learn about a new culture, and earn while you travel through our Hospitality Program. With diverse job opportunities in restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, and more, you’ll not only make money and create unforgettable memories, but also acquire valuable skills for your future.


Experience the comforts of a home away from home with our Homestay Program, offering the perfect blend of privacy and companionship during your travels. Delve into the cultural mosaic, living with reliable and friendly host families from diverse backgrounds.