Work with animals or in ecology and make a difference in the world with our

Volunteer Program

You get to choose between the fields of domestic animal protection, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, or ecology in beautiful local parks. Apart from that you will gain the opportunity of learning about the local culture, society and improve your English skills. With animal care you have the choice of dealing with wildlife or domestic animals. Wildlife generally means that you’ll rescue and rehabilitate injured or orphaned animals. As the goal is ultimately to release the animals into the wild, you may only have little contact with the animals. If you would rather cuddle up with some of our furry friends, then the domestic animal option is far better, as they actually want you to interact with the animals much more. We work with a variety of different organizations; some are small Non-Profits, others are large NGOs or Governmental Organizations. All volunteer stations are located in rural areas close to cities.

With animal care, keep in mind that 70% of wildlife that come to rehabilitation and rescue centres are actually birds, whereas most of animals that come to most domestic care facilities are terrestrial (i.e. furry, cuddly animals like dogs, cats, bunnies and guinea pigs). At wildlife stations there is generally a lot of maintenance to do including cleaning the animal’s enclosures, towels, the property, preparing food and many other tasks. In some cases wildlife rescue operations also have a sanctuary attached, though this is rare as it requires a lot more funding to keep non-releasable animals on location. You also need to be prepared that some animals cannot be saved and for their own well-being, need to be euthanized. Also be aware of what especially wild animals eat, sometimes they have to be fed other animals and you will need to be prepared for that. Finally, the well-being of the animals ALWAYS comes first.

For environmental conservation/education you have the chance to learn about different ecosystems, contribute to removing invasive species or educate the public about local wildlife and plants. Some positions even involve working with school children in a day-camp setting. You should have strong English skills for these kind of roles. 

Our Volunteer Program is by no means “an easy holiday option”; the volunteer experience can be quite exhausting at times but will definitely be very rewarding. You should not be afraid to get dirty and undertake some rather tough physical activities outdoors.

Program includes:

  • Skype Call in advance to get to know you as well as your expectations and preferences
  • Placement in your chosen volunteer area
  • Orientation with the INTERNeX team after arrival
  • Supervisor for support during your whole stay 
  • Access to the INTERNeX community and our events 
  • 24 hour emergency number

Program Requirements: 

  • Minimum age 18
  • No criminal record
  • Must have travel insurance
  • Tetanus vaccination 
  • Physically fit and healthy
  • Love for animals
  • Respect for the environment