Good news! There’s a great chance you’re due a tax refund
Yes tax may seem boring, but claiming your refund is actually pretty straightforward. Read on!

If you’re on a working holiday in Canada, it’s highly likely you’re paying tax on your income. No surprises there! What might surprise you, however, is that many people pay too much tax and are entitled to a tax refund.

But how can you go about claiming this tax refund? The first step is to file a tax return.

File your tax return today!

When you first move to Canada, everything is so new and exciting. And it can take time to settle in and come to terms with your new home. With so much going on, it’s likely that coming to terms with the Canadian tax system is the last thing that you’ll want to do. Many people also find the prospect of filing a Canadian tax return to be quite daunting.

Fortunately, help is on hand. Since 1996 have been helping thousands of people claim their tax refunds from 13 countries around the world, including Canada. Their team of highly qualified experts have developed a straightforward and quick application process to maximise benefits for their customers and take the stress out of tax filing.

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When you choose you can get a free estimation of your refund before you start. You’ll then have a dedicated account manager who will guide you through the entire process and communicate with the Canadian tax authorities for you. If you’re missing any of the documents that you need (like your T4) for your tax return don’t worry, can help you track them down. You can also contact their friendly tax team 24/7 with any tax questions you have.

And when your refund is ready, they can transfer it to your bank account anywhere in the world.

There are many reasons why you may have overpaid tax. And the amount you’ll get back largely depends on your individual circumstances. But when you consider that the average Canadian tax refund from is CAD $904, it’s definitely worth investigating how much your refund could be worth. guarantee that you will receive the maximum tax refund you are legally entitled to.

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