The INTERNeX Vancouver Community   

One of the many benefits of participating in our Canada programs is that we provide you with an instant, close-knit community and social network that will make your stay here even more unforgettable. 

Immediately on arrival you become a vital part of the INTERNeX family and gain the opportunity to experience Vancouver and its beautiful surroundings with a group of people that are in the same situation you are. We not only support you every step along the way with answers to your questions about your program, but also invite you to take part in fun weekend activities and exciting, adventurous trips together.

We always have a large group of INTERNeXers in town who are taking part in our programs like Practicum, Volunteer or Work & Travel. Everyone is eager to connect and make great memories together. Our weekly Pub Nights and events, as well as our monthly overnight trips will give you memories but also friendships to cherish for a lifetime.

Our Pub Nights always take place on Wednesdays at 7pm in various cool locations around downtown or other hip areas of Vancouver. We take time to chat and get to know each other while experiencing amazing drinks and food like Vancouver’s craft beers or the Canadian national dish Poutine. Pub Nights also offer a great chance to talk about everyone’s experiences they are having here or use the time to make travel plans together. Often there are also special events at the pubs like beer pong tournaments, music bingo or bull riding in a very popular country saloon in the entertainment district.

On weekends we always organize events which are designed to give you the chance to explore Vancouver and its surroundings. Our weekly activities offer great insights into the city’s culture and diversity. If it is a bike ride around Stanley Park, BBQ at one of the local amazing beaches or hiking on the North Shore in summer - or skiing, snowshoeing, watching hockey or laser tag in winter, there is so much to do and explore. Apart from that, our events are a great way to connect with other candidates and make new friends easily.

Our frequent trips offer the opportunity to explore Canada’s breath-taking nature and cities. The Rocky Mountains, Whistler, Victoria or even trips to Seattle in the US, are just a few examples of the places where our trips will take you.

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Start your adventure with us now and become a part of the INTERNeX family by signing up for one of our programs.

We are looking forward to meeting you! :)