INTERNeX is an organization about YOU. Since the beginning when the organization was born over 20 years ago, it was always about you... you having the chance explore the world and see what it has to offer. Not just on some "tour", but seeing the world in a real, profound way; by really living and working in the international community. 

We believe in you but we also believe in togetherness... the world is a better place the more we know each other. By travelling and really EXPERIENCING what the world has to offer you learn about new places and new things but most importantly you learn about yourself and where you come from. By going abroad you bring the world together. 

All of us believe in this; we are international citizens, stewards of our global community. Thinking globally and acting locally our job is to foster the creation of a better society through understanding, through sustainability, and through an unshakeable belief in YOU.