Student Expo in Toronto

During the past weekend I was privileged enough to be able to take time out of the office to travel to Toronto. It was an amazing opportunity for me to not only see more of Canada, but to also connect with some prospective travellers, students and their parents at the Macleans Student Life Expo in the metro Toronto convention centre.

After landing I did what every new traveller does to the city, I went for a little explore…and of course to true Becky fashion, got lost…which is actually a good thing in a new city as you stumble across some pretty neat places; the Loose Moose bar being one, and would highly recommend for beer lovers.

The next morning I was bright eyed and bushy tailed setting up the stand (using copious amounts of duct tape, much to the amusement of Tim, the INTERNeX president, who rocked up on Sunday to find a poster vs ducttape mash of chaos after both banners had fallen and fused together) Throughout the day I talked to some really lovely people. For someone who mostly works behind a computer it was fantastic to see people so interested about some of our amazing travel opportunities. Speaking to parents and students, it was astounding to see how engaged they where with the idea of working abroad and participating in our programs; really inspirational.

Sunday was spent in the same fashion with Tim helping on the stand during a coincidental lay-over on his way to Belgium.  The day did not disappoint either and again we talked to many interesting people from all walks of life that had dreams of travelling. Even though it had been two long days of standing and lots of repeating who we are from a business prospective, I packed up with a massive smile on my face, hoping that we would have inspired people to participate in our co-ops, work and travel programs and ranchstay’s, and hopefully have done a good job about spreading the INTERNeX world. I ended the day with a few cheeky beers as a well-earned reward! 

A few things to take away from this trip.

1.Toronto is a really cool city and the people are very friendly.

2. Inspiring people to travel becomes inspiring in itself.

3. Don’t feel bad if you have loads of questions – it shows interest, we’d love to help, and we’re more than happy to answer!

4.Programs don’t have to be for a year, we can even match you to a suitable program lasting a few week

5. Don’t try to check-in to a flight 35 minutes before departure – you’ll definitely miss your flight!

Thanks to Macleans Student Expo for having us at this great event, and to everyone that came to the stand it was a pleasure talking to you all. Remember if you need anymore information from us have a look at the website; , or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


- Rebecca.


ST Alphe London Conference and Awards

Hello….its me!

I’ve travelled over 15,200km in the last week to London and back to bring you the following news….

We did not win a Star Award (wipes a tear from eye) 

Although its true and slightly disappointing not to win, we are very honoured to have been nominated for best North American agency, and also best work experience provider. The competitive filed was full of amazing names of some great companies. The well deserved winners where; Education and Training Network (ETN) International, for Work Experience Provider and Language International for the USA. A massive congratulations to both companies who are well deserving of the prestigious award. We look forward to coming back to fight the categories out next year!

So what else did I learn whilst over the pond?  I was fortunate enough to speak to different people from all over the globe in many different industries. From homestays in Tokyo to Language programs in Malaga there was a massive array of different businesses. 

As exciting as it was to speak to all these different people about their courses, from someone who’s new to the industry it was majorly inspiring to hear success story’s and the growth of some of the programs.

 The event itself was extremely well ran. The hotel was beautiful and had an excellent breakfast (which I was personally hyped about) The main event on the Saturday; the Gala awards ball was a incredible sight. The guys where suited and booted in tux’s and the ladies in some beautiful dresses and formal wear. We where served a delicious 3 course meal with wine and drinks. This was followed by the awards ceremony itself with music and dancing late into the night with a live band, they killed it on the stage.  

I would like to think that I learned a lot from this conference (my first attending this kind of event) even if it was just more to perfect what questions to ask and learning more about other programs in our field.  It was great to hear how enthusiastic other agents where about getting more Canadians to travel abroad, and how well received our programs are. We will continually work hard to encourage them to see the world.

We are working hard now to put together more programs from links made at the conference to offer to the Canadian market. They’ll soon be spoilt for choice.

Other noticeable aspects of the trip: I lost count of the number of free cups of tea I had; as a Brit this is pretty standard feat in just a day, we do love tea. As a lover of British sausage and mash the total count of sausages consumed was 12 in 3 days…including 2 meals of sausage and mash in one day. I think I got my 6 month fix!


INTERNeX goes...London

 London Tower Bridge in the sunset

Warning, Warning Warning….the British one is flying back across the pond!

On September the 1st will be flying back to my home of England, to attend the annual ST Alphe 2016 conference and awards in London. It’s very exciting to be going home, (not home home as I’m actually from Leicester) but to be on home soil will be very nice none the less. 

 INTERNeX have been nominated for the prestigious award of ST STAR Work Experience Provider 2016. We’re so humbled and excited to be nominated as it’s an industry nomination. 

 I’m looking forward to going as it means I get to talk to other people in the field, hopefully making more contacts and creating opportunities for the business, which will enable us to offer more exciting programs to people wanting to see the world. The added bonus also is that I get to eat real Cadburys chocolate, get my fix of “real” sausage and mash, and of course see my family for a few hours! 

 I’ll be sure to let you all know how the visit goes and if we’ve won our category award. Whatever the outcome, I’m sure it will be a great work experience for me, as I’ve never been to this kind of thing before, and also a chance to learn more about our partners in the industry.  

 Don’t worry Vancouver, I’ll be back  on the 5th. You can’t get rid of me that easily!  - Rebecca 

Teach and Travel Colombia

There’s always something new going on at INTERNeX. The day is filled with assisting and responding to customers, liaising with partners, keeping up to date with social media, writing content for the website and trying to create new contacts with businesses. 

Right now we have just signed a brilliant new contract with partners in Colombia to provide teach and travel opportunities to customers who hold qualifications at a degree level. 

We’re so excited about the program. Having knowing nothing myself about the country and researching placements, I have been overwhelmed by the beauty, magic, culture and diversity of the place. For too long as the drug smattered history of Colombia’s reputation over shadowed this true gem of a destination. The teach and travel program is an amazing opportunity to get paid to make a difference to children of this country. We truly believe that this opportunity will make a huge different to not only to the future generations of Colombians but to all those interested, as it is a once in a lifetime experience.