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  • Icon INTERNeX Practicum Program

    Practicum Program

    Specialized practicums in nearly any sector for students, or post-graduates. Undertake your practicum in some of the world's most cosmopolitan cities and experience the culture and landscape in your free time.

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  • Icon INTERNeX Hospitality Program

    Hospitality Program

    Experience the culture and environment of some of the most amazing places on earth by working in the dynamic hospitality industry. Meet locals and people from all over the world and live your vacation.

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  • Icon INTERNeX Ranchstay Program

    Ranchstay Program

    Cowboys, cowgirls, and cowpokes welcome. See first-hand the life and times of local farming families in the vast wide open of big-sky country. Live on a farm and get involved in all aspects of farmlife.

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Where do you want to go?

  • Canada

    ... more square feet of awesome than any other country on earth.

  • New Zealand

    ... where only 4% of the population is human.
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Check out what others have to say about us.
  • INTERNeX has helped me finding friends and having a great time in Toronto. Without them it would have never happened. Read More
    Bart Netherlands
  • When I arrived in Vancouver Internex was there from the beginning. Everyone was very welcoming, friendly and helpful. Read More
    Ellen Denmark
  • For me, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I would recommend going there to everybody. Read More
    Sarah Germany
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Click here if you are studying at a Canadian instution and are interested an internship in the USA

INTERNeX international exchange's Practicum Program gives you the chance to get real-world, hands-on specialized experience in almost any industry. The quality and level of your placement will depend on your experience, education, area of placement, time of year and duration of your placement.

All placements are unpaid in order to ensure we have the chance to organize the best possible opportunity for you. Practicums (or internships) that are required for your post secondary education (i.e. university, college, apprenticeship or vocational/business school) can be in nearly any industry sector, placements that are voluntary (i.e. not a part of a structured academic program) may only be with Non-Profit, Non-Governmental or Charitable Organizations. Practicums are usually a combination of project-related and day-to-day activities in order for you to gain a fundamental overview of the organization and industry. We have run this program for 15 years and have assisted more than 10,000 international students in finding fulfilling experiences.


  • Specialized practicum opportunities based on your goals and university requirements.
  • Placements either for university or post secondary credit or with non-profit, non-governmental or charitable organizations
  • Tailored around your background and the landscape of local industry in your area.
  • Always unpaid to ensure we have flexibility of opportunities and control over the content.
  • Opportunities are meaningful and industry relevant and are not focussed on basic tasks.
  • The level and content of the opportunity is based on your experience, duration, and education.
  • Opportunities are available in nearly every industry sector and tasks/projects are flexible.